Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters & CORE architecture + design

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Explore the architecture and interior design of Commonwealth Joe's (CWJ) Crystal City location with Robbie Peck (CWJ founder) and Allison Cooke (CORE architecture + design principal). We'll also learn how the design process both influenced and reflected brand development at CWJ--a leading provider of nitro cold brew. 

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters

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CORE architecture + design

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PerkedDC : Coffee Map & Reviews

Dwayne from PerkedDC

Dwayne Baraka created DC's best coffee map--complete with reviews, photos, and rankings!  I sat down with Dwayne to discuss why he created the map, how Washingtonians can use it, and how to engage the DC coffee community. Did someone say coffee crawl?

If you are interested in a coffee crawl email!

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The Coffee Bar

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar

Gregorys Coffee

BlueStone Lane

Vigilante Coffee

DC Drip: Split Shot Series - Episode 1


Dawn Shanks, Peregrine Espresso’s Head CQM, is a longtime DC barista. She discusses her personal and professional growth alongside the development of DC's coffee scene. Also! Dawn is leading the DC Drip: Split Shot Series, a narrative exploration of the DC coffee community! Episode one is about Cait Lowry’s “The Coffee Bar.”

Peregrine Espresso

Neighborhood Restaurant Group

Buzz Bakeshop

Ryan Jensen

Blue Collar Cats

Murky Coffee | Nick Cho | Trish Rothgeb (Wrecking Ball)

Small Planes + Evan Howe

DMV Coffee

Cait Lowry + The Coffee Bar

Southeastern Roastery + Candy Schibli

Caffè Amouri

Welcome Gregorys Coffee

Founder of Gregorys Coffee Greg Zamfotis and I discuss his coffee journey, company logo, and bringing an established brand to a new city.

Gregorys Logo

Gregorys Coffee

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Washington DC Locations

1000 Vermont, Washington, DC, 20005

1147 20th St, Washington, DC 20036

1900 L, Washington, DC, 20036


Marty Curtis



Probat Roaster



Chef Michael Isabella

Laconda Verde

Toll Roasting

A Candy Shop for Coffee - Swing's Coffee

Swing's Coffee

Head Roaster Javier Madrano and Future Manager (17th & G Street) Tudor Payson hunker down in the Swings Coffee Alexandria Roastery to explore the history of DC's oldest roaster and discuss reopening a classic location.

Swing’s Coffee Roasters








Daniel Velasquez | Campesino Specialty Coffee

Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Philz Coffee DC

Neil Balkcom

The Joe Rogan Experience #467 - Peter Giuliano  

Peter Giuliano

Counter Culture Coffee

Mark Warmuth (Owner)

Cuppings | Fridays at 10AM


Home-Brewing with Diane Contreras (DIY DC Coffee Part 2)

Diane Contreras

Home-Brewing with Diane Contreras (DIY DC Coffee Part 2)

Vigilante director of training and Route 1’s favorite barista Diane Contreras walks through the ins and outs of brewing in the second installment of our DIY DC Coffee series. Grab a pen and paper to start your journey to home-brewing perfection!

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Prep tools

Hario Coffee Scale

Hario Slim Grinder

Encore Grinder

Brew Kettle


rew devices/methods

Kalita Wave


Curtis Brewer

Pour Over



French press


Stovetop brewer




Show notes:

Vigilante Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee


Coffee District

Coffee Cupping

US Coffee Championships

Coffee extraction

Coffee grind