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Founder of Gregorys Coffee Greg Zamfotis and I discuss his coffee journey, company logo, and bringing an established brand to a new city.

Gregorys Logo

Gregorys Coffee

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Washington DC Locations

1000 Vermont, Washington, DC, 20005

1147 20th St, Washington, DC 20036

1900 L, Washington, DC, 20036


Marty Curtis



Probat Roaster



Chef Michael Isabella

Laconda Verde

Toll Roasting

A Candy Shop for Coffee - Swing's Coffee

Swing's Coffee

Head Roaster Javier Madrano and Future Manager (17th & G Street) Tudor Payson hunker down in the Swings Coffee Alexandria Roastery to explore the history of DC's oldest roaster and discuss reopening a classic location.

Swing’s Coffee Roasters








Daniel Velasquez | Campesino Specialty Coffee

Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Philz Coffee DC

Neil Balkcom

The Joe Rogan Experience #467 - Peter Giuliano  

Peter Giuliano

Counter Culture Coffee

Mark Warmuth (Owner)

Cuppings | Fridays at 10AM


Home-Brewing with Diane Contreras (DIY DC Coffee Part 2)

Diane Contreras

Home-Brewing with Diane Contreras (DIY DC Coffee Part 2)

Vigilante director of training and Route 1’s favorite barista Diane Contreras walks through the ins and outs of brewing in the second installment of our DIY DC Coffee series. Grab a pen and paper to start your journey to home-brewing perfection!

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Prep tools

Hario Coffee Scale

Hario Slim Grinder

Encore Grinder

Brew Kettle


rew devices/methods

Kalita Wave


Curtis Brewer

Pour Over



French press


Stovetop brewer




Show notes:

Vigilante Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee


Coffee District

Coffee Cupping

US Coffee Championships

Coffee extraction

Coffee grind

Home-Roasting with Jesse Breaux (DIY DC Coffee Part 1)


Jesse Breaux (yes, it is pronounced “bro”) kicks off our ‘DIY DC Coffee’ series with everything you need to know to become a master home-roaster. He is also offering a free pound of coffee to Drip listeners--tune in to learn more!

Jesse Breaux on Twitter: @JesseBreaux

Green Coffee Buying Club

Behmore Home Roaster


Royal Coffee

Cafe Imports

Zekes Coffee's DC

Chinatown Coffee

Compass Coffee

The Coffee Bar

Is Your Hawaiian Coffee Organic? - Big

Fair Trade USA

Sweet Marias is also a great place to buy green beans and find roasting advice.

Year in Review with District of Coffee

Lauren Rogers from District of Coffee rejoins us to explore new cafes in 2017, upcoming shops in 2018, and social activism. Also, I share a few #DCCafeStories from regulars and baristas in the middle of the episode.

District of Coffee

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New Cafes of 2017

The Velo Café at District Hardware (The Wharf)

Pear Plum Café (3064 Mt. Pleasant Street NW)

Wheelys Café

Blue Bottle Café (Georgetown)

Qualia Coffee (Eckington)

Crimson Diner in Chinatown serving Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Takoma Bev Co. (Takoma Park)

Gregory’s Coffee (Farragut)

La Colombe (Farragut)

Compass Coffee (Farragut)

Portside Coffee (Leesburg)

Detour Coffee Co. (Arlington)

Chill Zone Coffee (Arlington)

Café Chocolat (McPherson Square)

Hive Hotel (2224 F St. NW)

Swings Coffee (14th & G)

Colada Shop (14th & T)

Shop Made In DC (Dupont Circle serving Small Planes)

Vigilante Coffee (The Wharf)

Little Pearl (921 Penn Ave SE)

Lost Sock Roasters (Kennedy Street NW)

Penny Brew Coffee

Songyrd Music House & Record Cafe serving Southeastern Roastery  (AdMo)


Shops lined up for 2018

Café Georgetown (3800 Resevoir RD NW)

Vigilante Coffee (College Park)

Joe & The Juice (15th & K)

Swings Coffee (G Street)

Blue Stone Lane (Washington Circle)

Hirshhorn (Independence Ave and 7th / Dolcezza serving Stumptown)


Other Topics & Shops

Café Kindred (Falls Church)

Caffe Amouri (Vienne)

Zekes Coffee (2300 Rhode Island Ave NE)

DC Coffee Fest

Deferred candidacy

ACLU fundraiser

Piccolo Latte

Pour Steady

God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee by Michaele Weissman

Be sure to let me know if we missed any. I can add them to the list.


Ebenezers Coffeehouse: Coffee With A Cause


Building community takes work, compassion, and time. Ebenezers Coffeehouse has been intentionally building community since 2006 in DC and abroad. General Manager Heather Corsi and I run the gamut of coffee talk as it relates to the Coffeehouse and its community.

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Organizations Discussed:

One Village Coffee

Compassion Tea

DC Dream Center

Just Haiti

National Community Church

What is a Frugal Enterprise? District Mugs.


Shreya Bhargava, the founder of District Mugs, sits down to discuss homelessness in the District and how something as simple as a coffee mug can positively impact a person’s life. All of us--even tea drinkers--can make a difference in our community.

District Mugs | Facebook | Instagram

Discussed in the episode:

The Ministry Coffee + Wine

Calabash Tea Bar & Cafe

Phase 2 Academy

Thrive DC



Sasha Bruce Youth Work